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Portland Monthly Profiles Dr. Arnaud Versluys Dr. Arnaud Versluys

Portland Monthly Article profiles Dr. Arnaud Versluys

Jade Acupuncture is pleased to share this article from the January 2013 Portland Monthly in which Dr. Arnaud Versluys is profiled:

After surviving chemo for stage-3 breast can-cer, Tracy J. Prince, 47, developed a persistent hacking cough—very inconvenient for someone who sings in three choirs. her general practitioner diagnosed her with adult asthma and put her on Albuterol and then a steroid called Advair. But the cough only grew worse. To Prince, alternative medicine was “new Age crap,” but after four years of coughing and, eventually, walking pneumonia and a cracked rib, she gave it a try. “I was desperate,” she says. Her chiropractor referred her to acupuncturist Arnaud Versluys.

Belgian by birth and trained in China, Versluys specializes in what he calls “the heavy stuff”: autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s disease, lupus, and puzzling maladies like chronic fatigue syndrome and interstitial cystitis. “If you come to me with lower-back pain,” Versluys says, “I’ll probably refer you to someone else.”

At her first exam, Versluys asked Prince a series of questions about her cough, the cancer, and her general health, and took her pulse. Based on this information, he created a custom tea from a dozen herbs including cinnamon, licorice, and peony for her coughs. Mixed from herb granules, the formula was stirred into a solution Prince recalls as bitter and grainy. Each week, Versluys tweaked it, telling her not to expect instant results.

“After about three months, there was a profound difference,” says Prince, who was so impressed, she asked Versluys if he could help her with her arthritis, too. He treated her with additional herbs and a few acupuncture sessions. Now even her husband, once equally skeptical of alternative medicine, sees Versluys for his sciatica.

Unlike most acupuncturists, Versluys rarely uses needles. In addition to seeing patients, he also runs the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine, a school that provides licensed acupuncturists with continuing education in Classical Chinese Medicine. The institute has branches in Zurich, London, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Chicago, San Diego, and now Portland, so Versluys is frequently on the go. But he still sees patients two days a week at Jade Acupuncture (

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