Massage Therapy

Relax. Melt. Relieve Pain. 

Therapeutic Massage:  The words “therapeutic massage” mean different things to different people. In your massage session you will communicate with your therapist to decide on the best course of action for your treatment that day. The pressure will range from gentle to deep depending upon your preference and the area being worked. A variety of tools are incorporated into the massage, including aromatherapy, cupping, and reflexology, combined with a range of techniques like Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point and myofascial release. The goal is always to work towards your health and well-being, to make sure you leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and more centered in your body.

Reflexology:  Reflexology is a marvelously relaxing technique that uses points on the feet to address anything from stress and anxiety to digestion. The idea is that the body is mapped on the feet, so that when certain points are worked (pressed or rubbed), the corresponding body area will be brought into balance.

Hot Stones:  Adding hot stones takes you to the next level of deep relaxation, melting away your tension and leaving you feeling simultaneously noodle-like and refreshed. Each modality has its unique benefits that none other can replicate, and hot stones are no exception. A rich sensory experience, smooth river stones are heated in water to between 125-135 degrees, while Swedish massage strokes using jojoba oil and essential aromatherapy oils prepare your muscles. The hot stones are then massaged over your body, conducting their heat into your muscles and warming you to the core. If you haven’t ever tried hot stones, I enthusiastically encourage you to!

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